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We Service And Install Utica Boilers To Help Property Owners In New Jersey

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Pro Water Heaters NJ is the number one water heater company in New Jersey that sells Utica Boilers. If your home still uses boilers or furnaces for heat provision, consider switching to a Utica boiler for efficiency and great performance.

We offer various types of Utica Boilers for our customers, including BC series boilers, SW Utica Boilers, MGB, and USC Utica Series and the PEG-C Utica. A brief description of each is as follows:

BC Series Boiler- Affordable and boasts high-efficiency ratings of 86%, which makes it a great choice for any homeowner or business owner that is looking for a water heater replacement for comfort and continued years of great performance.

SW Utica Boiler- Contact one of our water heater specialists to speak with you about the efficient and reliable SW Utica Boiler. Not only does it have an optional water heater coil, but it also has a sturdy swing door that makes it easy to inspect, an SE side wall vent, and like the BC Series, has an efficiency rating of 86%.

MGB Utica and USC Series - The MGB Utica series is an optimal selection for New Jersey homeowners because it has advanced heat exchangers that allow it to vent vertically through chimneys. Its efficiency rating is 84.1% due to its flue damper and electronic ignition. The USC series is another one of our water heater brands that also possesses a high-efficiency rating, and it's one of the simplest water heaters to install. Its makeup consists of components like cast-iron heat exchangers and stainless-steel burners.

PEG- C Utica- This Utica Boiler is popular because it helps lower heating costs, and it is durable and reliable. Like its counterparts, it also offers high energy efficiency ratings and is one of the Utica Boilers that can always be trusted to heat your home or building effectively.

Pro Water Heaters NJ test all of our products to make sure that you receive the best when it comes to comfort and value. You can have confidence that whichever water heater you chose for your home will be safe and meet all performance and productivity standards.

Reach out to our knowledgeable team today so that we can discuss in-depth all of the Utica boilers we have available for your New Jersey home and business.

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