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We Can Service Bradford White Water Heaters In New Jersey

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Pro Water Heaters NJ proudly carries Bradford White Heaters. If you are looking for a large selection of LP gas-powered and natural and heaters in New Jersey, then you should give us a call. Bradford White Heaters offer years of dependability, and many of our customers notice they get their money's worth of hot water.

Bradford Water Heaters is a water heater brand that stands apart from others due to its atmospheric vents. This means that they are able to give you and your family large amounts of heated water while requiring minimum space. Also, you will get warmer temperatures in fewer amounts of time, making them some of the best quality water heaters for any residential or commercial property. With the Bradford Water Heater atmospheric vent model, options are:

  • Extra Recovery
  • Defender Safety Series
  • High Input Atmospheric Vent Models
  • Manufactured Home Atmospheric Vent Models
  • High-Efficiency Vent Models

More specifically, Bradford Water Heaters offer different kinds of vent models for commercial and residential properties. Selections include:

Power Vent Model - Offers the TTW1, TTW2, and the high-efficiency TTW. The residential ultra-high efficiency model as a 95% rating and meets strict air quality standards due to its low NOx burner. Power vent model options are:

  • High-Performance TTX Power Vent
  • Defender Safety System TTW1 Power Vent
  • Defender Safety System and Non- Defender TTW2 Power Vent
  • Defender Safety System High EF TTW Power Vented Models
  • TTW Extra Recovery Power Vented High EF

Power Direct Vent - Saves energy due to the Bradford White ICON System, which is a gas control that has a spark to pilot ignition. This type of gas control eliminates the high cost that comes with consistently burning a pilot. In addition to saving gas, these features improve temperature control. The surface of the tank is surrounded by foam installation, which stops the water heater from heat loss.

Direct Vent- These model types incorporate the Bradford White ICON System, reinforced seals, and closed combustion. They rank high in quality because they don't require much maintenance, and the event piping combined with the closed combustion chambers eliminates the need for consistent cleaning.

Defender Safety Systems - These types of water heater models stand out because they meet the requirements for the Energy Star EF, and they qualify for a rebate.

High Input Energy Saver Models - This water heater also offers high efficiency and is similar to defender safety vent models and atmospheric vent models because they have the capability of heating water quickly.

If you are looking for new or replacement Bradford White water heaters for your home or business in New Jersey, please reach out to us! Pro Water Heaters NJ is a major Bradford White Dealers in New Jersey, and our water heater specialists will assist you in finding the appropriate model for your property.

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